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coach jenny

Series mixed by DJ Beatsmith
If you're a 5K runner and want to work your way up to 10K runs, or if you've just completed the First Day to 5K series and want to move on, this 10-week series — designed especially for Podrunner: Intervals by renowned fitness coach Jenny Hadfield — is just what you're looking for. Coach Jenny also provides valuable tips at the end of each mix, and sometimes works with you on form as you run.

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General Information
Each mix should be used 3 times a week
Each mix includes a warmup and cool-down period
Tempo changes are indicated by a chime, ascending to accelerate, descending to decelerate
Always stretch thoroughly before and after your session
Always hydrate adequately

We highly recommend you listen to this 4-minute guide to Interval training to help you maximize your workout and utilize Podrunner: Intervals most effectively.

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